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Technical Papers

  1. Armoring Linux
    Step-by-step instructions for locking down most Linux distros.
  2. Armoring NT
    Comprehensive directions on hardening Windows NT.
  3. Armoring Solaris
    Comprehensive directions on hardening Solaris 2.x.
  4. Armoring Solaris II: Solaris 8 64-bit for Checkpoint Firewall
    Hardening directions for 64-bit Solaris 8 and higher.
  5. Hardening Cisco IOS
    The fundamentals of hardening Cisco routers
  6. Linux Admin's Security Guide
    A comprehensive overview of steps for locking down Linux.
  7. Linux-Sec's List of Hardening How-To's
    A wide range of documents on the subject of OS hardening.
  8. Securing and Optimizing Linux
    Geared almost entirely toward RedHat Linux, but many parts applicable to Linux overall.
  9. Setting up a Windows NT Bastion Host
    Instructions on how to make a bastion host of Windows NT.

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