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  1. Adam Back's Home Page
    Various intriguing items related to cryptography.
  2. Cryptography FAQ
    A what's what on cryptography and cryptology.
  3. History of Cryptography
    A thorough overview of cryptography's past and present.
  4. Public Key Cryptography and PGP
    An overview of the basics of public key cryptosystems and one of the popular public key apps.
  5. Snake Oil Warning Signs
    Concise treatise on how to see the steak beyond the marketing sizzle.
  6. Ugly Mistake for Pretty Good
    A critical look at why "feature creep" puts PGP security at risk.

Technical Papers

  1. Crypto & Security Tutorial of Peter Gutmann
    Thorough and informative introduction to cryptography.
  2. Cryptome at John Young's Archive
    Current info on matters regarding cryptography, privacy & security.
  3. Export Administration Regulations
    U.S. government rules and regulations on the export of cryptography.
  4. The Handbook of Applied Cryptography
    The online edition of the book by the same name.
  5. NIST Secure Hash Standard Page
    A comprehensive listing of what a product must have to conform to NIST standards.
  6. PGP4Pine: PGP implementation using Pine filters
    How to utilize PGP v2.6.2 with Pine on various Unix platforms.
  7. Risks of Key Recovery, Key Escrow, and Trusted Third-Party Encryption
    Essay on how key recovery and key escrow threaten crypto security.
    (See also: Risks of Key Recovery, Key Escrow, and Third Party Encryption)

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