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  1. Firewalls and Net Security: the Second Hundred (Net) Years
    Interesting overview of the history and possible future of firewalls.
  2. Firewall Comparisons
    Useful information for making comparisons between firewall solutions.
    1. COAST List of Firewalls & Related Resources
    2. CSI Free Firewall Resource
    3. Firewall Product Comparison Page
    4. Firewall Performance Review
  3. How to Perform Effective Firewall Testing
    Strategies for determining holes in firewall implementations.
  4. On Desktop Firewalls...
    Recommended reading for those considering a "personal firewall."

Technical Papers

  1. Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker
    The online edition of the book by the same name.
  2. Firewall FAQs
    Questions and answers on firewalls and firewall ruleset construction and implementation.
    1. FAQS.ORG Firewalls FAQ
    2. Interhack's Firewall FAQ
    3. Firewall Forensics FAQ
  3. Firewall Penetration Testing Page
    Techniques for determining holes in firewall implementations.
  4. Invisible Bridge Firewalls
    For those seeking the benefits of a firewall without letting outsiders know of its existence.
    1. Invisible Bridging Firewalls using IPFW on FreeBSD Paper
    2. OpenBSD Bridge Using IPFilter Article
  5. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Firewall Guides
    A number of documents on firewall concepts and components.
  6. System Configuration and Hardening for Firewalls
    Comprehensive papers on locking down an OS for firewall usage.
    1. Armoring Linux
    2. Armoring Solaris
    3. Armoring Solaris II: Solaris 8 64-bit for Checkpoint Firewall
    4. How to Build a FreeBSD-Stable Firewall with IPFilter
    5. Linux Firewall and Proxy HowTo
    6. Linux IPtables HowTo
    7. Linux IPtables Tutorial
    8. SecurityPortal article on Hardening Solaris 2.7
  7. Wireless Firewall Gateway White Paper
    For those still flirting with wireless networks.

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