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Technical Papers

  1. Wireless Networking Research and Analyses
    Overviews of wireless networking strengths and weaknesses
    1. Analysis of Wireless Security Issues
    2. Bill Arbaugh's Wireless Research
    3. The Limits of Wireless Security
    4. Security Analysis of the IEEE 802.1x Standard
    5. Wireless Access Points and ARP Poisoning Paper
    6. Wireless Firewall Gateway White Paper
    7. Wireless Security Blackpaper

  2. Wireless Networking Security Issues
    Why wireless has a long way to go on the security front.
    1. Attacking the Wired Equivalency Protocol
    2. (In)Security of the Wired Equivalent Privacy Algorithm
    3. List of Wireless Insecurities
    4. Practical Exploitation of RC4 Weaknesses in WEP Environments

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