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  1. Bastion Hosts and Hardened OS's
    Hardened operating systems and hardening utilities
    1. Astaro Security Linux
    2. Bastille Linux
    3. Immunix (Hardened RedHat Linux)
    4. OpenBSD
  2. Firewall Logging & Forensics
    Utilities for interpreting firewall logs and events.
    1. FWanalog
    2. FWlogsum
    3. FWlogwatch Utility
  3. Firewall Ruleset Configuration & Implementation
    Various utilities for building firewalls and firewall rulesets.
    1. Firestarter
    2. Firewall Builder
    3. GuardDog for Linux
    4. Linux Firewall Configuration Utility
    5. Mason Automated Firewall Builder for Linux
  4. Firewall Software
    Various firewall solutions (open source or free personal editions)
    1. BullDog Firewall
    2. IPCop Firewall
    3. IPchains
    4. IP Filter
    5. IPfwadm
    6. Linux Firewall Tools
    7. Netfilter/IPtables
    8. m0n0wall
    9. pfSense (Based on m0n0wall; in alpha)
    10. SmoothWall GPL
    11. ZoneAlarm for Windows
  5. Firewall Testing Utilities
    Utilities for determining holes in firewall implementations.
    1. Firewalk
    2. Firewall Tester (SourceForge)
    3. Fragroute (by Dug Song)
    4. Ghost Port Scanner
  6. Minimalist Firewall Solutions
    Stripped-down firewall solutions that typically fit on a single floppy disk.
    1. Devil-Linux
    2. FloppyFW Page
    3. TheWall Project (SourceForge)

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