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  1. Network Data Manipulation
    Packet manipulators and injector utilities
    1. Hping (Custom TCP/UDP/ICMP packets)
    2. Hunt (Exploits known weaknesses in TCP/IP)
    3. Libnet (Routines for constructing packets)
    4. Nemesis (Robust packet customizer)
    5. Netwox (Formerly Lcrzoex - Toolbox to find and solve network problems)
    6. SMAC (Change MAC address on most Win2K/XP network adapters)
  2. Network Mapping & Scanners
    Utilities for defining, scanning, and mapping networks
    1. Cerberus Internet Scanner (WinNT/Win2K scanner)
    2. DJB DNS (Secure alternative to BIND)
    3. Nessus (Robust network scanner)
    4. Netcat (Feature-rich network debugging & exploration tool)
    5. Network Configuration Calculator
    6. Nmap (Powerful network mapper)
    7. NmapNT (Win32 beta-grade version of Unix Nmap)
    8. SAINT (Enhanced version of SATAN)
    9. Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN)
    10. Security Auditor's Research Assistant (SARA)
    11. Whisker (Web/CGI scanner)
  3. Network Monitoring
    Tools for watching over network traffic and events
    1. Cheops
    2. DSniff
    3. WireShark (Formerly Ethereal)
    4. IPLog
    5. IPTraf
    6. Nagios (Formerly NetSaint.)
    7. Ngrep (Network grep)
    8. Ntop (Network top)
    9. Sniffit
    10. TCPdump
  4. Wireless Network Utilities
    Utilities for auditing, scanning, and mapping wireless networks
    1. Aerosol Page (Wardriving utility for Windows)
    2. AirSnort Site (For recovering encryption keys on wireless net)
    3. BSD Airtools (For *BSD systems: wireless auditing)
    4. NetStumbler Site (Foremost tool for finding wireless networks)
    5. SLAN Project Home Page (VPN for wireless networks)
    6. WEPcracker Site (Wired Equivalency Protocol tester)
    7. Wireless Sniffers List (Snoop utilities for various OS's)

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