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  1. AIX Patches
    Security and other patches.
  2. Debian GNU/Linux Security Information
    Security alerts and fixes.
  3. Digital UNIX (Tru64) Patches
    Security and other patches.
  4. FreeBSD Security Information
    Advisories, mailing lists, tips, tricks, guidelines, links.
  5. Hewlett-Packard Electronic Support Center
    Patch-related information.
  6. HP-UX Patch Additional Information
    Patch security overview, list of obsolete patches, patch checksums.
  7. IRIX Patch Sets
    Collections of patches that Silicon Graphics recommends.
  8. IRIX Security Advisories
    All SGI IRIX advisories.
  9. KDE Security Patches
    See also your Linux distribution vendor's patches.
  10. Microsoft Download Center
    Microsoft patches, including security patches.
    See also: Microsoft TechNet
  11. NetBSD Security Patches
    Security patches for all releases.
  12. Netscape Security Notes
    Security alerts for netscape client and server software.
  13. OpenBSD Release Errata
    Advisories and patches.
  14. Red Hat Linux Errata
    Security advisories and patches for all supported versions.
  15. SCO Unix System Security Enhancement Area
    Advisories and patches.
  16. Sun Microsystems' SunSolve Online Public Patch Access
    Security and recommended patches for Solaris: patch clusters or individual patches.
  17. SuSE Linux Patches, Updates, Bugfixes
    Patches directories for all supported versions, plus a security announcements list (English).

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